I play mostly harcore/metalcore type music ranging from Parkway Drive to He Is Legend. My current amp is a 15w Roland Cube my friend has let me borrow until I buy a new amp. I play a Schecter C-1 Classic with the stock pickups in it, not that thats bad in anyway. I only have around $300 to spend and so far my eye has been on the Vox Valvetronics 30w amp. It looks nice for the money but I heard the distortion is lacking and so is the bass. Both of which are very important to me. I know they make a bigger speaker model for more money but I don't know if its worth it. I want to get this new so right now I'm not planning on resorting on buying one used.

So yea you know my situation. Any help or advise would be amazing.
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I suggest you get one of the XL series amps if you really want a Valvetronix. It's essentially a basic Valvetronix with a hi-gain preamp. Perfect for what you want to play.
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no valvatronix xl, or regular for hardcore
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