I want to get a tone something like this guys^^^

I realized I have pretty much the same guitar as him (RG2120x) and Ive got a Steves Special and Air norton on order.

At the moment I'm playing through a Vox AD30vt through the Nu Metal setting, with no pedals. I dont like my current tone and I dont have much knowledge and really suck with gear.

Just wondering if anyone can suggest me a good tube amp or effect pedals to get a better sound. Thanks
Well from his MySpace, he's usin a Marshall TSL100, but it sounds like he's using some kind of boost and probably some other effects cause I've never heard a TSL get that good of a shred sound by itself
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Use the US Hi gain.

UK Modern is another one to try for this tone. Use the reverb effect, put turn it down to about 12 o'clock.
His youtube profile says he uses a recto recording preamp and the marshall is used as the poweramp