i was messing around with chord progressions, and i found one i liked, so im trying to figure out what key its in, so i have a question,

if i use the chords Dm, Am, Em, and Fm, what key would that be in?

i thought it would be C, because D, A, E, and F, all fall under the key of C, but im not to sure of that conclusion,

i posted this in guitar and bass basics originally, but someone recommended that i should come here, so, any help will be appreciated
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C does have the Dm Am and Em, but the Fm is not in key. This does not fit into a key. You have to look at all the notes in the triad, not just the root note, liek you were saying in your post.
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alright, thanks alot for the help, im just gonna change the Fm to a C now, it sounds better (probably because its in key)

but yeah, so thanks for that
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