after i download a torrent, a music torrent for example, i like to move the contents to my music folder and let winamp reorganize/rename them. but this causes the torrent to stop seeding. also, i only move the audio files in the music folder, meaning the album artwork and text files and whatever else came with the torrent are still in my download folder. is there any way i can reseed after doing this? if not, how does the pit go about downloading torrents?
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I just leave it in my Downloads folder until I'm done seeding.

wait, do you mean to say after it seeds you can move it anywhere and itll still work in utorrent? sorry im new at this

EDIT: i thought after you download a torrent it continually seeds...
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By default it continually seed, but if you're watching bandwidth usage you can set it to stop seeding after a certain ratio has been reached.
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