he was drinking the waters
downstream of that whole town
whole town's graveyard
and when they found him out
he was already stiff on the ground

its the mills that rotted his body
and the bodies rotted his mind
he would've been better
just swilling the beer
cause what's in the water just aint right
Not speaking to the poem, but people learned very quickly not to dig grave yards near the water. I want to say all graveyards for a long time have been far enough away for the soils to filter any toxins. But of course I don't know that.

Some Asians use to believe something about the bodies needed access to the water and they had problems, but that was cleared up hundreds of years ago.

Anyway, it's a cool little story, cuaght my interest.

1) Did you mean to repeat "whole town" in the 3rd line? doesn't seem to flow
2) The last line is kinda long and doesn't rhyme. May I suggest
"The Water just ain't right here"
"The Water just ain't right, round here"

I think the rhyme would just solidify the last line, like it did for the 1st verse (ground - town)

good job