today i played this guitar, and it was ****ing amazing, apart from the redciulously **** sd jb and 59, they sounded ****ing **** and even my lp100 stock pups sounded better hahaha

so anyone with experience with this guitar please give me an insight into it,
in relation to durability, reliability, etc etc

hope you can help

Well first of all you dont have to swear that much, if you think there rubbish then, okay. But if your interested in buying this guitar theres nothing stopping you buying.. say some EMG's for it or something whihc sound a hell of alot better for Metal (Just presuming you play metal)

As far as I understand, Schecter's are usually built quite solid. I'v heard the Durability is quite good... but I could be wrong...
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u reckon the jb and 59's are ****? wat amp did u try the guitar through?
Isn't that the best-selling pickup combo ever?
If you don't like that set, try the BlackJack ATX with Blackouts. Nice actives for ya.
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i was planning putting some emgs in.

they had a hell load of definition with high gain

i tried it out through a 5150