Nothing More Forever More

You’re watching me watching you
But Nevermind, never end
Never mine, subtle waste
A life of disgrace
But Nevermind, never end

Little more to say or do
A little money won’t get me through
Takin’ it from you
Nevermore forever more

Have you gone or am I wrong
They say that I’m just too proud
There’s nothing to hold you down
Don’t tell me I’m not around

Now and then we’ll start again
But never will you find me
Caught between yours and mine,

My twisted little mind
It’s waiting for you
To wait until you’re through.
Nevermore forever more

C4C as usual, have fun with it
Last edited by Zephyr Zylöz at Jul 3, 2008,
I like it a lot!

Never mine, subtle waste
A lifetime’s disgrace

for somereason, I don't like LIFETIME'S .. I would just make it "life of"

Caught between yourself and mine

Feels force and doesn't rhyme with anything, so I would just leave it
yours and mine
yourself and myself

great job