Hello, is there a brand/type of Guitar that has ES335 like necks? Can't afford a ES335 right now but have played a mates and it rocks.
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Epiphone what?, have you played both?
I played an Epiphone 335, and quite frankly it was beautiful. I haven't tried the Gibson, but it was of a high quality.
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the epiphone, isnt a bad guitar, my friend uses one, and hes a professional, plays gigs every night, hes actually making a name for himself, and i think if he uses that epiphone, thats saying something...

although there seem to be a lot of people on this site, with rediculously high standards, so expect to hear some pretty disheartening S H I T....
Never played an Epiphone 335 (nor a Gibson one), and I haven't got very much experience with semi-hollow guitars in general unfortunately. I played a really lovely Ibanez semi-hollow recently. I forget what model. It would have been one of their 'Artcore' range, I would think. Have a look into Ibanez, and Yamaha. And of course, Epiphone. But if you want to be a little unique- Ibanez, Yamaha, etc.
Epiphone Dot Studio's have the same neck I think... There pretty sweet aswell
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Epiphone 335 is stunning, a mate of mine has one and its grrrrrreat!!!
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Most Semi-hollows have similar necks, though the exact shape of the neck will vary from guitar to guitar.

Sheraton, Dot, or Artcore for you.
the epiphone sounds nice

but if can just be more patient...save up for the gibson
I think the Sheraton looks better than the Dot. They have the same body shape, but it's the inlays in the Dot ruin it for me!

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