Hey, first thread and post here, ive been away for a while and used to use this site/forum and its always been excellent! So im glad to be back

Anyway i've seen steve vai on some live sets and stuff and ive seen him do some cool things, i would like to know what kind of gear i need to do this.

He will play, say a nice acoustic riff. And with something he records it and loops it over, then he changes effects to something heavier and plays over the top.

This is really cool but i dont really understand what im looking for...some kind of looper, multitrack recorder??

Ideally i'd like to be able to record/loop and change effects with some kind of device without having to record - stop - playback - record over the top.

Ive looked at the Boss micro BR and this has effects and a multitrack recorder but i dont really understand if it'll do what i want it to.

Pleaase if someone can help and i have made at least a little bit of sense, i hope someone knows what im going on about.

Thanks in advance people
Awesome, cheers for a speedy reply!!!
Can you get loop stations which have effects/presets in them? Can you suggest any at all?
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That`s called a Looper. For instance the Digitech Jamman (or somthing like that)
Pretty exspensive if you ask me. If you record for only 8 seconds then you canalso buy a Multi-fx. My Korg AX1500G can record maximum 16 seconds

off topic, but i vote, yes.

also, yeh looper is what your after mate.
Sweet! Cheers everyone, i can continue my search into both multi effects and loopers!

Im not sure yet how much time i'll need to record, would be handy to have it in a multi fx, otherwise its gonna cost a bit too much by the looks of it, although i would like it to perform pretty well and simply too
wow, that boss gt-10 looks amazing, just what ive been looking for, i havent checked out the price yet though, i will do asap.
i thought the boss micro-br looked good but this looks/sounds awesome!!

Cheers everyone
does the gt-8 have a looper like the gt-10? i'll have to check out some videos of it