im thinking about buying a line 6 effects unit of some sort

a POD is gonna be the go i think

any ideas? i got no idea what the good ones are

but i was playing a line 6 spider 3 model amp at work and im really digging the 'insane' setting

any ideas?
People like to bash Line 6, but it's mostly just the Spider series. Even then, they're okay - but only okay - if all you want is crushing, brutal distortion. You'd might look into the Vetta if you were looking at Line 6s.

My bro's got a POD. It's pretty awesome and I highly recommend it.
i mostly play metal, parkway drive, i killed the prom queen, killswitch etc so distortion is good lol

which model POD? from wat ive seen there are a few...
POD XT upwards include the line6 models that are on the spiders. However, the line6 models are by far the worst models on the pods, especially if you have the metal pack and access to the monster models on there. XT series pods seem to be selling for good deals now the X3 Pod's are on the market.
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I highly recommend the POD series. They're rather insane if you get the right power-pack add-ons.
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Yeah, the Pod X3 is proffesional level, its astonishing. I have a Pocket Pro for fun and its brilliant. Take a look at the Flextone, they're really quite good and a whole lot better than the Spider series. Another option may be to get the Pod X3 and those amps that don't colour the tone, and the pod slots in. I think their called Atomic or something.