Alright so quite recently I began to worry about the absolute terrible tone that is coming out of both my BOSS ME-50 and my Ibanez TBX150R Combo amp (SS btw). So I'm now on the market looking for non-SS COMBO amps, I play mostly metal and have been looking at all tube amps such as the Peavy 6505 and some ENGLs.

This will be for gigging so after reading some stuff on here 50+ watts on an all tube is needed correct?

However, my friend basically tried to do a salespitch on Transtube amps he said they get the same volume and are 300-400 cheaper.

I am setting aside around 1000$ to spend on the amp and was wondering:
a) some recommendations
b) informative statements on transtube vs. tube

And I would just go into the music store and tryout all these different amps however, they have a terrible selection of mostly all SS and Marshall stacks, and a Traynor YCV80 for all tube.
I was also looking at the Traynor thinking that I could overdrive it to get that metal sound maybe?
Any help would be appreciated
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1000 bucks wont get you the Peavey 6505, although it is BRILLIANT!!!! I highly recomend this amp.
i said around 1000 meaning it can float either way if i need 2-300 more i can easily set it aside
but thanks for the recommendation
well what type of metal you play man?

and on a sidenote ConstableMurtis, cheers on the F-50. hows it sound through the mesa 2x12?
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