So I download a protab, and my guitarpro says I need to update it to proceed, upon attempt, I am told that my license is invalid because it was pirated. I had to PAY for this ****, and now, because somebody else either a) hacked a pass and it happened to be mine, or b) the companies just wrong, I can't use the program for anything I haven't already downloaded. I sent an email explaining that I actually paid for the program, if they don't fix this problem or refund me, I will promptly sue. Might be fun.

You will sue a company? For a program that costs like 50 bucks? Are you fucking crazy?

Just do like everyone and *try* Guitar Pro for free...
Oh, I'm gonna do that, and then actually pirate a new password like I am accused. And then I'm gonna sue. I'm still pissed. I want my fifty dollars.

I mean seriously, lets say i knew nothing of eTheft and was a landlubbing virgin without scabies, I would be totally ****ed. And would either have to pay for a new program, or request a refund or free passcode, do nothing, or sue.

If I was unintelligable I would sue. Thats wuti'mgonnado.
So, you're going to pirate the program, and THEN sue the company?

That's an awesome idea man!
Wait. So you're going to pirate a password so that they're right...and then sue them?

Only in America...
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Download the freakin' program next time, and hack it.
That's the way to survive nowadays in teh internetz.
You won't be able to use gp5 files, but most of the other ones should work. Your problem is that a key generator is probably around on a torrent site. It will have generated your key, and other people will have used it.
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phone the company, say you can mail receipt or print off of purchase if bought online.