Ok, so this doesnt compare to any of the things that I have ever seen on this page, but I always look at you guys' customizations, and I wanted to post something. It's not much, but it's definitely not the way I bought it.

I don't have any before pics, but is was just a plain black acoustic with a decal on the bottom. I took the decal off, and scribbled all over it with a silver sharpie. Then I went over the silver with green and maroon(?). Lastly, I duct taped a computer mic to the body.
It doesn't work too bad actually. Hums a lot, but I think maybe my noise reducer (in the mail) will help with that. Here are some pics I took this morning. Excuse my mom's boots.

not much, but I'm proud of it
let me know what you think
i like how it says "make love not war" right above the national guard sticker
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dammit im going to have to defend my love of first acts

i have to admit, i bought this guitar as a joke, but i was amazed by the sound. i am now quite fond of first acts as well

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i like how it says "make love not war" right above the national guard sticker

yeah... my awesome attempt at irony. Im quite clever don't ya know
looks pretty good I think, does that heavy as mic and tape change the tone at all?

More to the point, they aren't really your mums boots are they?
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...totaLlY impossible
I had the same concern, the tone sounds pretty much the same.
the only problem is it feeds back on many of the settings on my synth wah. on the other hands, it just creates crazy sounds i can use for soundscaping in my band on other settings.

one more cool feature i forgot to mention. The mic has an on-off switch, which i can use as a cool killswitch for this baby. I just have to figure out how to use it more fluidly.

and yes, there my boots