I'm planning on buying a guitar that would be more on the acoustic side,
yet it would need to have some playability of an electric

the conditions would be no joke, since
1. i'm living in a 3rd world country (Filipino here )
2. Guitar shops are rarely selling any quality guitars
(locally made ones have their qualities compromised for value)
3. i want to ship a guitar, but can't...i want the guitar to be
in a good condition when i get it...and i can't trust shipping
4. budget is kind of limited...the most is 300-450$...

i'm currently using a locally made guitar, that is so-so...

but i'm planning to make a band around next month...i'll be vocals/rythm

i would purchase my electric around september-octoberish...so in the meantime,
what would be a nice acoustic/electric guitar...