Ok guys on my ESP factory pickups for my Eclipse, when I turn the knob, it doesn't "swell". It just...happens. It just like kicks on automatically, and theres no difference between say, 1 and 10, besides sensitivity and a little gain difference.

Should I get new pickups, or are there any other ways to fix it?
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Sounds like a pot issue to me. The issue probably being that they're not very good.

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Check the grounding on the volume pot, and if it all looks okay ditch it and get a new one.
I read that nuggent who likes to do volume swells has to go thru a pile of vol pots to get a few good ones. The tolerances vary widely and there are the standard tone/vol pot and there are the audio and linear taper pots. Most places put the generic ones in as they only have to stock one kind. The audio taper might give you a better curve so the volume will swell more to your liking. And go for the CTS pots they seem to be more consitant.