I was hoping you fine people could give me some crit on my new song.
Its called 'Every dog has his day'. It has drums, bass, rhythem and lead guitars, and a keyboard part. All played by me, though the drums are midi drums. Its also the first time ive tried screaming vocals.

The origional idea was supposed to sound like Funeral for a Friend meets Children of Bodom. Im not quite sure if I achieved that.

You can hear the song on my profile.
Alernatively you can go to my pure volume page:

Obviously, C4C.
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although the midi drums sound way to midi like, i enjoyed the guitar riffs, and i actually like you scream in some parts, maybe tighten it up a bit. i dunno how i feel about the keyboard. I like the way it compliments the verses but that little lick coming out of the chorus(?) sounds a little cheesy. you might want to add some heavier parts maybe, its mostly on the funeral for a friend side of that.

crit my stuff? thread is right below. songs are on my profile now too
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The drums could go down a little in the mix. Vocals are way better than I can do. I like the keyboard stuff. I loved your solo, sounded celtic. It was perfect. Not bad dude!
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Sounded pretty good dude. Loved the riffing/guitar lines.
I agree with some of the previous statements about the MIDI drums...I think that the snare was most off putting for me personally....but not to the point where I couldn't enjoy the tune. Vocals weren't my personal fav style, but I'm a riff geek anyway...that's what I usually listen to. So overall, great effort, IMO.

C4C? Pick A Tune....Any Tune LOL

The high harmony sounds weird at the beginning

Like the keyboards though

Vocals are not that great tho :/ (mine wouldnt be any better)

1:49 part - - Nice

Good recording quality - what did u use?

and what drum program did u use?

C4C? (Dying Breed in my profile)
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cheers guys.
Im thinking of redoing the vocals when ive practiced my screaing a bit more.

The guitars and bass were recorded from the line out of my zoom G2 (I dont have access to my amp right now). The guitars used the mesa dual recto model.
The drums were done in cubase using the drum VSTi that comes with it. The keyboards are a software synth called superwave8, and tracked using my midi keyboard. I recorded the vocals with a cheap samson q4 mic into my m-audio fast track (I REALLY want a good condensor mic!).
Hope that answered your question.
My stuff:
Fender Tele 60's Reissue
Schecter Blackhawk
Vintage V300 acoustic
Yamaha RB170 Bass

Peavey Classic 30 amp

Boss SD-1, DOD Grunge, Guyatone PS-010 Compressor, Marshall SV-1, Vox V847, Zoom G2, Line6 Echo Park
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i think the music sounded awesum but that the singing needed work. Try doing none screaming vocals and practise harmonizing before moving onto scremo
Let me just start off by saying I liked the tone you got of the recording, it's rather clear. Musically, the song has a cool groove to it. However, I'm not a big fan of the vocals, I feel this is the only element that was somewhat _out of place_. I thought the solo was pretty neat. If you don't mind, please check out my recording of my song "Epiphany" at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=901699 . Thanks.
thanks for the crit.

the vocals are pretty good, i wouldnt really know cause i dont really listen to much music with that.
but the music seemed a little to light for the vocals.

but overall it seemed good
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Sorry for taking so long to crit you back.

The recording quality sounds good. The midi drums sync nicely to the song, but I would try to get real drums in the recording. The song was catchy and well written, but I wasn't too crazy about the vocals. I'm not really a fan of screaming in general though, so that could just be what you were looking for in the song. The solo towards the end was pretty cool too.

Thanks for listening to mine.