Does the quality of a guitar lead really make that much of a big difference. If I got a £7 lead would it really sound all that different to a £25 one?

Second question. I hate having long leads linking my effects pedals together. Is there such thing as really small ones to link them?
err, sound won't differ once you reach £5, but how resilient they are to damage and how long they will last can vary dramatically. go for £6 Stagg leads if they still make em...out of three i've only ever broke one in 5 years, and that was by throwin it out of the car window onto the motorway for an experiment lol
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quality of lead does matter alot,one recomendation,dont buy the cables that are silent until plugged in cuz that bit that slides down eneds up pushing in ur jack which i discovered two days ago !!
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The length is also important...the shorter the cable the better the signal. Don't get something longer than you need.

I go through cables fast, but Hosa makes these ones with a rubber protector which is nice.
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My mate used to use what we called "pound shop leads" basically really ****ty cheap ones. I bought him a planet waves lead because I thought it was embaressingly crap and the difference was incredible, so it may well be worth it. I've got a decent £25 gold plated lead and I'll never use a cheap crappy one. Go try it for yourself in a guitar shop or something.
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