Hi guys i own a Gibson Les Paul standard, but im worried cus whenever i turn it up it squeels terribly! surely this shouldnt happen on a £1400 guitar i bought it from imuso.co.uk if that makes any difference! any comments or suggestions will be greatley appreciated! thanks
yea cus i have tried it on few different amps now still having the same problem!
one person told me it could be various electrical items in the room so i tried switching different ones off to no effect! lol
Rip open the back panel and fiddle around with the electronics. What've you got to lose? £1400? Bah. Humbug.

On a serious note, get a friend to have a look at it. Prefferably a friend that knows alot about guitars. If not, take it to a music shop and see what they can do. PMT are brilliant by the way. They'll probably tell you what's up with it without even charging anything.
How close to the amp are you standing?
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could be the pickup's have gone microphonic........if it was subject to alot of heat melted the wax in the pickup's.
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dont say that! lol that would cost loads to repair! lol

Not really... you can fix it yourself. There's a guide somewhere on UG to re-pot one's pickups and it's not that expensive nor difficult.
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