Hey guys,
Im looking into pedals, and I think I want one of these, but Im debating which one. Im looking for a strong (not easy to break) pedal with lots of versitile tones. Anyone got anything to say about either of these?

I got the ME-50 bout a year ago and after loads of use it still looks new and its got plenty of versitility with all the different easy to programme presets.
I havent used the digitech but from other ones ive used id reccomend the BOSS pedal
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I love the RP 250, great build, sturdy, and user friendly recording/patch editing.

The Boss is nice too, I've played it and I usually use it at GC when I try out new guitars or something first.

I own the RP250, so I may be biased, but try both out first, see which one ou like.

by the way, The RP has a better Whammy xD
Are you gonna use it in conjunction with your vox ad50? With the amp you have I dont understand why you are lookin at these types of pedals.

Doesn't the Vox have built in FX?

Maybe look at a Wah or nice Overdrive or somethin or even a 5 watt tube amp
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