I'm looking for an amp for home and studio use that has a great blues and rock tone and usable cleans. I've got a budget of about £600 and these are the two amps that spring to mind. They both sound great in the demos I've heard, but the place I buy my gear from can't get either in for a few weeks, meaning that trying them isn't possible at the minute, although I will when they come into stock.

Any experiences with either or input would be greatly appreciated.

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they are both very good i would proberly go with the cornell dues to its volume selections so u can fully crank the amp for home practise on the .25 and 1 watt setting, if its to the same quality as my mates romany plus you will be be in love, but to be fair i can imagine the cornford is made to the same high standard

if u go on http://www.dc-developments.com/ reviews and then the 2007 one download it and u will see what guitar buyer thinks of it.
i've tried cornfords, but not that model (i've tried the hellcat and hurricane), and i've tried a cornell (the romany plus- it would also be worth a try for the tones you want), but not that one either.

Based on the ones i have tried, i wouldn't want to choose based on quality, as they were both great, but one may obviously suit the tones you're after more than the other.
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