I recently had a marshall mg100 that wasn't mine that i had to give back to the owner. it sounded good for being free but now im out of a cabinet. i run through a spider 2 212 combo that i can use for a head too, and was wondering which way to go on a new cab.
New amp all togather.
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i dont have that kinda money lol
im gonna eventually get a head to match but for right now i need a cab
within the next 9 days
i have a show coming up
and then i really need one for our album release show
I'm a huge believer in B-52 amps and cabinets. In my experience they always sound great and are just well-built. Another nice feature is that the AT-100 cab, if i'm not mistaken has a hell of a lot of headroom with max handling of 400 or 480 watts.

I'm not saying the Peavey is bad, because I haven't used it. However, I have had great experience with b-52
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can you borrow money from someone and pay them back?

or rent an amp?

haha thats what im working on