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inspired by the most depressing song in music thread

mine's probably 7 weeks by InMe - first time i heard it it inspired me so so much

rock on
endlessly - muse

if your in a good relationship atm

Emotion = true music


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For me it's Move Your Body by Eiffel 65

I always feel the groovy in my booty when I hear that song
My God, it's full of stars!
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Walking on Sunshine...duh

That reminds me of Futurama
My God, it's full of stars!
Pretty much any Andrew W. K. song. They're superficial, simple, inartistic and predictable, but they ARE fun to listen to. Which is fine, because that seems to be Andrew W. K.'s goal, and he has succeeded.
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higher and higher - jackie wilson
Hmmmm... Pie.

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i think your cereal is rather gay sir.

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This thread just screams,"Hey! Look at me!! I illegally download thousands of gigs of music!!!"

and what exactly does your username scream...?
Black Betty - Spiderbait
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This man knows his beverages.
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^somebody get this man 30 million dollars.
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Pantera - A New Level

Thats brutal song.

Its weird because that song does actually give me confidence. I listened to it before an interview once and i ploughed through it and got the job.

on topic, any sublime gets me in a really good mood
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Might Just Take Your Life - Deep Purple
Hull City A.F.C

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The Rutles - Get Up and Go

I win
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Black Betty - Spiderbait

Sorry guys, hold all your nominations - we have a winner. Electric banjo FTW! Not to mention the drummer sings lead vocals! How badass is that?!

also i find most ska music very relaxing (which obviously in turn could inspire you )

right i'm off to bed i'll check this in the morning
Peace of Mind- Boston
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This song makes me happy all the time!

the uuiU is very well known to this UGer. GL sir.
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Andrew WK - Party Hard


or hysteria--muse
the most get up and go song is probably a **** one that makes u get up and go away from it.
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Jump - Van Halen

It makes everybody happy..

Reason i hate van halen. That song is more of a disgrace to rock then anything metallica has ever done.
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Jump - Van Halen

It makes everybody happy..

quite right, ironically i always start jumping and chanting during the keyboard solo
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+1 to carcass255, he knows funk will lead the way

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Wake up/Power out/Black wave - Arcade Fire

All three just fill me with energy because they're so upbeat!
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On cheating in a relationship...

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Erm, not sure what you mean - I always walk faster when:

Killing in the Name - RATM
Welcome to the Jungle - Guns
Nightrain - Guns
eye of the tiger - survivor
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