Help me....i have like no music to listen to atm, i've exhausted all the stuff i have (like bullet or killswitch) and dont know where to go next?...
I also like still remains, dir en grey, bring me the horizon, deathstars etc etc.....
Bullet for my Valentine is metalcore, so is Killswitch Engage, but IDK about the rest.
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nice discovery, sir.

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This belongs in the hardcore forum. That's where metalcore goes.

Edit: Actually, ask about deathcore and melodic death metal in the Metal Recommendation Thread in the metal forum too.
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Trivium? As I Lay Dying? any of the million other generic metalcore and deathcore bands out there.

btw, if you like Bring Me The Horizon, try All Shall Perish if you havent already.
maybe its in this forum because i am too damn lazy to click the back button a couple of times ok!!!
other stuff i like can include (shamefully enough) stuff like tokio hotel and...mcr...(dont kill me??) something corporate, muse, scouting for girls, paramore, papa roach, HIM, Daughtry, some JRock bands like Siam Shade....
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i'd say now is the time to look outside of the metalcore genre.

even though Killswitch and BFMV are great.

may i suggest Chaoscore?
check out Norma Jean.
and Underoath.

A normal day for me consists of Underoath, Paramore, Norma Jean, and Blindside.

I'm not one to hate.
Aaah yeh i like underoath..will try out norma jean in a second or twoo
i used to be your average hardcore MCR/HIM/Fall Out Boy fan...and err yeah cud say i just want something heavier..