So yea bout 2-3 hours a night- a good routine to increase your speed. Any ideas guys thx.
do you have John Petrucci's Rock Discipline or Troy Stetina's Speed Mechanics For Lead Guitar?both of those are good for exercises to increase your speed.
Not only rock discipline, but if you can get your hands on 'speed kills' by Michael Angelo Batio, that will provide you with a fair few exercises for developing speed.

Edit: Oh you want a routine? Perhaps try condensing Steve vais 30/10 hr workout into times that suit you. for 2 -3 hours a night I'd say do either 15 minutes on each part of the workout (2 hours) or 22 and a half minutes on each part (3 hours)
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Well, it depends, do you want to build just speed, or control?

I'd imagine you really want to have more control of your speed; at least, that's what experience tells me.

My advice is to take a piece of paper, write down each skill you wanna improve, how that skill is usually used in your style, find some licks that utilize that skill, so on, and make your own routine. To me, it's better to make your own exercise routine with your specific goals, strengths, and weaknesses in mind. It's fine to use other people's exercises, but I don't think that any one person's entire exercise routine will fit your goals perfectly.

For control focused practice, I recommend practicing intervals pretty heavily, that way your fingers get adapted to play most any cluster of notes you can come up with. For speed focused practice (which I recommend you DO NOT do), make a list of common licks/scales/whatever, and practice them as fast as possible for about 3 minutes a piece; the best speed being where it's all you can do to not fall apart, if you can comfortably play each note without messing up, you're not doing the most effective speed training.

I'll leave what the practice specifically contain up to you, unless you really, really want me to give you exercises.

Honestly, I've done routines based on both of these, I was faster with the speed practice, but I believe my playing is much better overall with the control practice. Speaking from experience, it's not very fun to be able to play fast when you have very little control over what you're playing.
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Developing speed is also one of my current goals (simply because you need it for many metal soli). So here is my current practise schedule (first three exercises are warm - ups, it's important to warm up before playing difficult stuff!):

- 5 min note position (an exercise from a book called "rock guitar secrets", the aim is to get to know your fretboard better, start picking slowly and learn to think ahead)
- 5 min chromatic scale (goal is accuracy not speed here, at the moment i'm mostly playing it downwards, trying to need as few movement as possible)
- 5 min spider (a stretching exercise)

- 10 min pentatonics and scales (i do different stuff here, important is to use a metronom and keep track of how fast you are)
- 5 min exercise one from petruccis rock discipline (aim: stretching and finger independance)
- 5 min ex 8 from rock discipline (time feel and speed)
- 5 min ex 11 (speed)
- 5 min ex 9 (speed)

- 15 min working on difficult parts in a song i'm currently learning


well, that would be an one hour workout. but of course i'm not always doing the same thing but change exercises from time to time and so on. i'd also alternate the plan depending on how much time i have.

three general things:
- always use a metronom
- keep track of what you are doing
- concentrate while practising

as for the exercises mentioned, i don't want to post them here due to copyright stuff, but if needed, you could pm me. however, i'd suggest you get the already mentioned books (petrucci - rock discipline, stetina - speed machanics, maybe also fischer - rock guitar secrets for more general stuff, not only speed).

btw, it would be cool if you could post your plan, once you have done one for inspiration
thx Here is my routine currently.

30 min grade 4 practice

20 mins Gcse composition practice

10 min-30 min economy of movement Practice

+ any songs I wanna learn

Anyone gt any improvements- also I need an exercise to speed up my picking.

Btw I read your lessons. Thx
what is grade 4 practise?

and what exactly are you doing for economy of movement?

as for speed, i like the following a lot: set your metronom at 60 - 70 bpm. now play the a minor scale in quarts, than 8ths, tripplets, 16th, 16th tripplets (6 notes per beat) and 32nds.

what i like here, is that you're forced to start slowly and build your way up. plus you also train your rhythm feel, besides playing fast, and learn to keep more attention to the metronom. and the rhythm thing also forces to stay concentrated.

else than that, you might work on speed picking common thrills, such as:



and do some scales (including the cromatic one)