a bugera 333xl it sounds great imo but i decided that i'll just wait til the end of summer cuz i may be able to afford something better..

anyway i'll make like 3 grand i think from this summer job and i for sure want this $900 guitar and a vader cab that is $650 so together that's i think $1550 and i suppose i'll use the rest for a head but what? i'm so sick of this crate flexwave it's just horrible tonewise and i want to buy some delicious gear.

i'm a between the buried and me nerd and unearth human abstract dillinger escape plan so what head should i buy?
Unless you are playing in front of thousands of people really often then just get a combo. I am saving up for that Bugera as well, looks insane.
i would save some of the money for college. i know i wish i didnt have to take out so many loans.
if you already have a decent guitar, i would just buy a real nice amp.
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Chea_man is the best.
yeahh i really don't need a new guitar but what amp head do you recommend? i play metalcore soo yeapp