So, I was wondering something about the default avatars provided by UG that people can use; Do they all move in syncopation?

Lets use the System of a Down (SOAD) avatar for example.

If im browsing through the forum and open a thread, and someone has the SOAD avatar that UG has in the Control Panel, does it start at the beginning of the loop, or, by chance, did it start somewhere in the middle of the loop to keep in line with the other SOAD avatars (in the same thread or other threads) when the page opened?
If they are from the same source, yes they move in sync.
Once your browser opens the page, the animations start, and move at the same pace because they are loaded from the same place.
Very important life changing question at hand here people lets get serious about this.

lol I think they all start at the same time from start.
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in sync and syncopation are two entirely seperate entities.

Wrong word.

They should be moving in sync,though.
why do you care? that's a very odd thing to wonder
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Wrong word.

They should be moving in sync,though.

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An entity is something that has a distinct, separate existence, though it need not be a material existence

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being or existence, esp. when considered as distinct, independent, or self-contained

but the rest of your point is right.