hey everyone, i just got my first wah yesterday, and i makes this squeky sound thats real annoying. please lemme know on anything helpful.....Thanks! .......ps heres a youtube link of what is similar squeky noise..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kg5TEL1Ogew
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no i mean when i press down forward on the wah it squeks like hell......watch that youtube vid of it...ps thats not mine on youtube, i just found a video of the same problem
put the cables in the other way round
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i meant like its not the amp or wires, its just when i use it it makes these squeky sound when i press it forward
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Now, do you have any warranty on that pedal? where did you buy it? Have you tried contacting the youtube guy to ask if he have a solution?
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im just going to lubricate the axle and the gears at the front...thats what the dunloop dude said.