I just recently started getting into bluegrass music and been listening to a local group for my hometown wichita, ks, named Splitlip Rayfield. They are amazing so look em up if you are interested. But I was just wondering what other good bluegrass is out there that I haven't heard of. Post some links or whatever if yall dont mind!! : )
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I haven't heard a lot of Split Lip but I like what I have quite a bit. I hate to rave about them all the time but you must check out Yonder Mountain String Band. They are a really good bluegrass band that does rock covers and has extended jamming in their live shows and stuff.

Also The Bad Livers, they started out as a kind of traditional bluegrass band but were shunned by the scene in their town so they started playing with the alternative rockers and opened for The Butthole Surfers and bands like that. Their later stuff gets pretty experimental. Also Danny Barnes' solo project is way experimental if you care.

And perhaps The New Grass Revival. They were one of the first "newgrass" bands in the '70s. They aren't really my cup of tea because their bassist plays electric bass and his voice sounds like he should sing for Whitesnake or something but I gotta give them respect plus Sam Bush and Bela Fleck both went on to create awesome stuff.

I feel like I am rambling but also check out Old and In The Way. They were Jerry Garcia's (of the Grateful Dead if you don't know) bluegrass band. I haven't heard a lot of their stuff but they are good.

And then if you want to hear some of the roots to the modern music check out Bill Monroe (the originator), Flatt and Scruggs and The Stanley Brothers.

Sorry for so much typing. Those should be a good start I guess. What Split Lip Rayfield album would you suggest? I have been meaning to get some of their stuff.