hey pit,

i don't know if your guys' schools do this but at my school we have a spirit week where every class picks a theme and competes and lots of other fun stuff and this year as sophomores we will be yellow and we're down on themes. past themes are stuff like yellow brick road, mellow yellow, under construction, and stuff like that

i figured the pit might have some clever ideas so please go all out if u can think of anything

thank you
Yellow...? Who came up with that lame idea?

Go as bananas.
Brutal yellow.
Let's go back to five billion bpm and see how good i am.
yellow submarine?
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Yellow Submarine- The Beatles. Bing back the 60's!

EDIT: ^ That guy beat me to it
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Yellow Submarine- The Beatles. Bing back the 60's!

good idea +10000
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