I've decided I'm going to get a Crate V-Series... A store near me is selling a Crate v18 for $279. They also have the v50 for $299. Is the 18 watt version big enough for gigs? Or would you spend another $20 on the v50? I'm afraid if I do that I'll never have any natural OD and that it'll be too loud for home.
Thanks. I just wish they had the v33... That'd probably be my best option.
Really? Well I just found out Sam Ash sells v33's (which are, yes, 30w) for $300. That's $150 less than GC and MF.

So now it's between this ($279 @ SA):

and this ($300 @ SA):

Which do you think is the better choice for occasional gigs and jamming with a band?
I think the biggest difference is going to be in how they're voiced.

The V33 has EL84 tubes, and the V50 has 6L6 tubes. Translation?
The EL84 is probably going to be brighter and have a more aggressive distortion, and sound slightly British.
The 6L6 is going to have some nice cleans, have more bottom end, and sound more American.