On musiciansfriend.com do you have to pay for tax? I live in Tennessee if that matters. I want to buy a guitar there and was wondering. Thanks.
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i don't think so
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i doubt it.. it'll say if there's tax.. just add the stuff to your cart, hit checkout.. and see the total
They are based out of Missouri so I don't think so.

I live in CA and they don't charge tax, one of the reasons I like to order from them.
No you don't pay for tax I have bought stuff from there before
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Why are musical instruments exempt from taxes?! (out of state anyway)
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I've bought over 20 items from MF, I've never had to pay for tax or shipping.

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Why are musical instruments exempt from taxes?! (out of state anyway)

Most out of state products you buy will be exempt from tax. They usually charge tax only if you are in their state.
I had to because I live in Indiana , and they own property in my state, you only have to if you live in a state where they own property of some kind.