i hear alot of downing on BC rich but this guitar does seem to have all the good features that i need. the only thing i dont know about yet is how it plays. now people just say that it is for making noise...when really its for heavy playing because of the look. now is this guitar good?
and anyone played one before and know if it is good for playing in a metal band?

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it doesn't matter what other people say. if you've played it before, and really like it, get it
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i think these things suk. i hated how it felt while playing. wasnt comfortable at all
I hav a B.C. Rich Virgo which is pretty similar, and the quality of the sound and the loudness of the hammer-ons are pretty sweet. this is a total shredding guitar
yeah, i mean i just need the 24 frets and the floyd rose. so ill test it out and buy it hopefully. itsjust if i gig with it i reckon people will think differently about me if i use a BC rich warlock. a "poser"

killing is my business... and business is good
i dont have a worlock but i have a nato bodied neck through bc rich. w/o ofr. its agreat guitar for the money, great sustain w/the nt. the pups tho, they are great for metal rhythm riffs but to me they just are not bright enough. for much lead stuff. but you need to play it first and see if you like it. you might love the pups. but keep an open mind and ignore all the bcr bashing. mmmkay
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yeah cheers guys, im checking out schecter aswell because i know they are quality metal guitars. hopefully a hellraiser ^^

killing is my business... and business is good