Hey guys,

I just got myself a cheap peavey generation EXP and im gonna rip out the frets and make it fretless. I was just wondering what would be the best way to fill in the frets with. I've heard wood filler works great but is there anything better? Also if anyone has ever done this, any pointers would be great.

You'll want to fill the slots with someting as hard as the frets, or else you'll lose most, if not all, of your sustain. The neck will also try to bow forward. I'd just cut the tops of the frets off just a bit shorter than level with the fretboard (after removing them of course) and stick the bottom part back in. Then I'd fill the slots with filler and continue as normal.

But that's just me.
Woodfiller is good but it can get messy, you can buy plastic discs that slip in and are easily sanded down. FYI its going to sound silly.
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id actually cut the frets flush with the fretboard, so u have a marker to show where the frets (and thus notes) were. do not cut the frets while they are still in the guitar!!! (duh)
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I got a coarse file and filed the suckas down till they were just metal strips in the fretboard, useful for remebering where the frets were. Also, stick a fernades sustaner in it and you got yourself a one handed violin.
I'm not too sure about this neck bowing buisness - Bassists de-fret their necks all the time, and they often use plastic sheet, strips of wood or woodfiller to fill in the holes, despite the tension in a bass neck being much higher than in a guitar.
^ Also, from what I understand, most fretless guitarists use slide tunings, which are usually lower tension than standard. I really want to try this too. Now I wish I hadn't sold my old Peavey....
Woodfiller works fine - run a thin protective clearcoat or two over it too. I don't see much point in filing the frets down - a lot of effort and with any other method you're still able to see the fret positions.
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^ bondo is garbage... polyester putty is better cuz it's not as porous.

Personally, i'd probably fill the slots with epoxy and small strips of wood
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