Hey, i bought this guitar from some guy, he really didn't know much about it, but thats not important, so i was wondering if the people of UG could help.

What i know is it is a Harmoney guitar, and he said it was vintage...looks pretty old to me.

There's a pic of it on my profile, i would embed it on the thread, but i dont know how D:

I just need some basic info, like if you know the year, or if its a "crap guitar" or not,

any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

tell me if you need pics of any certain part,ill see what i can do.
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It's a Korean made guitar I'd guess from the late '70s. These were very cheap at the time but some models now have some value among collectors. They're generally fairly good instruments but because of age often need some fretwork maintenance or maybe even refretting.
What about Harmony basses? Same thing?
I recently got one for free. It's black, I like it.