I personally love the Gretsch 5120s. I am saving up for a guitar and I am thinking of getting it but I hear that since it is a hollowbody, it gives considerable hum and feedback when at loud volumes and/or higher gain. Is there a solidbody or at least a semi-hollow just to like control the feedback?
go epiphone and get an e335 dot if u want a hollowbody much easier to handle and better sound to
If your buying your 1st guitar, i recomend a palmer acoustic. they hav good quality acoustics and they sound beautiful too. if this is your second or third guitar, and u don't hav an amp, i would suggest the behringer metalien and amp package. it all comes with the guitar, amp and cable, a DVD that shows you techniques, and a whole bunch of other stuff. i got mine at a local instrument shop for only $200 and its a good sounding guitar and amp for such a low price, except the guitar isnt a hollowbody
Ive never played a gretsch 5120 but i have never had a problem with feedback on any of my guitars and i did have a fender stratocster but i just traded it in for a epiphone les paul and neither one of them give out any feedback but of course i only have a tiny ass 15 watt fender frontman so the volume doesnt go very loud on it.
well this is my 4th guitar but my 1st electric and i already have an amp.

I was thinking either a Electromatic Pro jet w/bigsby or a electromatic corvette

what do u guys think?
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well i have a roland 15x and the clean channel is awesome but i'm not feeling the distortion so ill probably stick to pedals for gain.

Some of my favorite bands are
Led Zeppelin
chris daughtry
3 doors down
three days grace
Los lonely boys

I know that twang is not the first word that comes to mind when you hear these bands but I still like the Gretsches and want to get one.
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