living through this dieing drowning feeling
that is consuming my whole being
im just feeling like i cant go on
feelin down deep inside
i go into what some call pride
i kill it off and then i feel as if im all alone
in a group of people in my home
i need a kicker to feel alright
i need to be but to be with might
of the mightiest gods that freed the light
im goin down your goin up
im tired of you and all of me
so now lets go our ways
and well be free today is the day
that i feel alright for me
and the fight for breathing through
the drowning feeling that i felt
when you kept sqeezing at my throat
then went of to your friends to laugh and gloat
we are over we are done my might has finaly come
and the gods have got my back
you held me under so long im fighting back
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