is it possible to turn my Marshall MG30DFX into a speaker cabinet to be used with an Orange Tiny Terror head?

I think i saw a video on youtube where this was preformed, It looked like the controls were just taken out of the top of the amp, and then a head was placed on top of it..

un, disconnect the speaker and connect to TT, make sure it's the same ohm's

also you going to make the Tiny Terror sound like absolute **** if you did do that...

You can either sever the lead coming from the speaker, or desorder it from the lugs. Then, just make sure that those two connections make their way onto a mono jack, and into the socket of your head. It's as simple as that.
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Yea speaker output into the cd input is a good way to let all the smoke out of your amp. You dont need to get rid of the old amp. Just make a new speaker lead to go from your head unit to the speaker. But as its an MG speaker its not going to be all that great.
yeah, build ur own cab with a better speaker (celestion, eminence)
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