Yes I understand the difference in outputs and that I can't use middle in my toggle which is fine. I'd love if I could get a diagram so I don't gotta make one up myself(ya I'm a bit lazy). 2 humbuckers, bridge active, neck passive. 1 volume and 1 tone.
no way u can use 1 vol 1 tone. you would need seperate controls for both. and a two way switch, cause even using the three way wouldnt work.
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ya..you have to use 2 different pots for each, 500k for passive's and 25K for actives.
more like you can't send 9 volts to a passive pickup and expect nice things. You'll have to either use a DPDT to separate the circuit/pups as they can never be used together, or have separate controls. I would just buy another active/ passive and use the other pickup in a different guitar.
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Why exactly do you want to mix them? Hell of a lot of hassle

and with and active bridge and passive neck your bridge is going to over power your neck pup massively.

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