Yet another video. This is Wonder Whats Next by Chevelle. Let me know what you all think. And if you all can, ratings and comments are much appreciated. This is probably the last one for a while so hope you all enjoy. I made a few mistakes and I was really sure how the tremelo part is played, I read you just tremello harmonics on the bottom strings. Hope you all enjoy,here ya go.

That's nice I like Your guitar, model? Well played I like your tone too. 5 stars xD
Thanks bagg. I play an LTD-Deluxe EC-1000. And the Marshall Half Stack I got was a steal. I went to a guitar center and was buying that and a macbook pro and I was going to be about $400 short on it so they took around $200 off of each item so I could buy it. I was a happy man.

And the tone is just the amp itself, I dont use any pedals on this one.