Whats the minimum thickness that a body with a recessed floyd rose must have? I know that trem blocks have different depths but i the body's thickness must be bigger that the depth of the trem because when it is pulled the block goes down. If the trem block is too big can i make a trem block using brass or another cheap metal with a smaller depth?
Just cut the block with a chop saw.

Anyway, I think a recessed FR will barely fit an SG, so if that's what you're putting it in or if you can find out the thickness of an SG then, yeah.
1 1/8 inches is the thicknes of my SG. a floyd will barely fit.
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Hello, I measuredthe block on my FR. It's 1 5/16 deep . how deep is the recess maybe 1/8 to 3/16 ". That would bring you close to a 1 3/4 " thick body.