i just put two humbuckers off of my old epi lp into my old squier strat because ive got new pickups on the way for my lp, and i got a fender a while ago. The problem is, it sounds like crap now and every time i touch a string, it sounds like im touching the end of a patch cord.

what did i do wrong?
If no one on this site gives you good advice, may I suggest taking it to a guitar shop and seeing what they can do for you.
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I'm not good with electronics, but I have to assume it's not grounded correctly.
sounds like your bridge ground connection isn't properly grounded. thats usually the cause of buzzing when you touch the strings or bridge.

but if its that bad it sounds like you may have some other bad solder joints or some cold solder joints.
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Most likely a bad ground.
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