Hey i wrote some music out of pure boredem and its all recorded in my room on my computer. But i tired to make them sound the ebst they could so please check them out
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pretty good recording quality, however I dislike your music.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
I was skeptical when i read the title but after hearing it i am very impressed and they are recorded very nicely and vocals are ok not the best but it deffinatly fits the music.
Good job
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The recording quality was really tight, as well as your playing, seems more like Deathcore to me though.
Loved the music...not crazy about that vocal style, but that's just cuz I'm old. LOL
Seriously though, the riffing was a hair on the repetetive side in spots, but was very well played...tight playing and a good recording, IMO.
Out of the 3, I preferred the last one the best, instrumental w/more changes to it. But they all sounded like good solid efforts to me.
Nicely done!

C4C? Pick a tune...Any tune

Very. Very tight. Loved everything.
What are your influences? Curious.
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I allways found that having sex while listening to Tool/Planet X/Dream Theater was hard because every time you tryed o keep the beat they would change time sig, then you would get pissed off and then loose your mojo for the nite.....

I fucking Lol'd
Cheers man
I am influenced by many bands metallica, pantera, parkway drive, as i lay dying then loads of death metal like job for a cowboy and behemoth and so on
First thing I think of is Dethklok LOL

Dude this is awesome! Quality is so GOOD whats ur set up???

I cant think of any crits!! except maybe more solos but thats just me

Also reminds me of Lamb of God and Children of Bodom...

in conclusion AWESOME!

Please C4C! (Dying Breed in my profile)
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haha cheers man
My set up for guitars is a jackson dkmg and a boss gt-8 but i use a tone port for my recordings
The drums are programmed with ezdrummer drum kit from hell
Great music man,

I too like the jackson guitars and was preparing too buy an dkmg
but not with a tremelo..

great stuff