I recently bought the Kerry King EMGs, it comes with 2 volume, 2 tone, and a distortion pot( distortion switch) .

i want to add a 3 way selector switch to it, and a kill switch(yes i know you can make a killswitch out of a 3way)

for the kill switch im using a momentary stopper button or w/e.

anyone know how i can add those two things in? i think ive figured it out, i just want to be sure though
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Wait, a distortion pot? As in his booster?

I don't see why it wouldn't have your configuration. Other than the Killswitch, it's all fairly standard.

EDIT: I see, it has a 1 volume, 1 tone diagram. No instructions came with the pickups? Odd. Well, depending on how I'm feeling later, I may draw one up.
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thanks...i pretty sure i have it figured out
so if your too lazy right now, its cool
for the killswitch, there are 2 wires that lead from the output jacksolder a normally open switch to each wire. that way, when you press the switch, it connects the two and shorts it out. if you put in in a switch to stop it, it'll sound like the cable is unplugged.

hoped that helped