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if you are considering the guitar for a purchase, and have never even TOUCHED one, you might want to consider trying one out and then deciding..
les pauls are known to be on the heaver side.
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just email Gibson, they've got a contact us link on their website. I'm pretty sure they could tell you.

The Epi LP I played didn't seem as heavy as my Gib LP Studio. Most likely because the wood isn't as good quality. Not to say it's bad though. I don't know the exact weight, but it's deff a little heavier than a Strat and stuff.
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9.5lbs pretty sure of that.

That sounds right, but I also know...
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They vary a lot, in my experience.

Regardless of weight, your best course of action is to actually try the guitar out.
Are the Epiphones chambered or not? Most Gibson les pauls are chambered now..which actually kinda sucks.
I doubt Epis are chambered.But yeah,if you've never tried it before,you better try one.I've always GASsed for LPs last time but after I tried one,I hated the neck.
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