For some reason I found rg's with a middle pup annoying when picking.

Do you think the s470 would be the same?

I really dont think it adds much tonally and if anything the s320 looks better.
If you pick really heavily and deep then I can imagine it might get in the way but to be honest you shouldn't really be picking so deep that you can hit the pickup anyway.

Personally I like the tone of the middle pickup on my S470 though; it definitely has its uses (low gain blues solos, funk rhythm).
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Yeah, I tried an RG before and I'm used to having the strings higher off the body, so I'd hit the pickup with my pick on the RG. I've seen some S guitars in the stores and it looks like they'd probably be the same.
^It'll look pretty fugly after that, EVH got away with it 20 years ago because ghetto looking guitars were his thing.
I'd say unless you want the most versatility out of a guitar, you can always lower the pickup into the guitar and that helps. You Will get used to it after a while, you'll just need a bit of time adapting to it
really, it shouldnt be an issue. even if you dont like it now you will get used to it and the extra pickup will add versitility to your playing.
That sort of thing bugs me sometimes because I'm used to my Kramer which only has a bridge pickup, but it goes away pretty quick...