I've got an MIJ Squier Stratocaster. I've determined it's from the 80's from the serial number, and have searched high and low for a wiring diagram or any help wiring this thing but have turned up nothing.
My goal is to have the top two push pull switches go to the neck and middle single coil pick-ups, as on-off switches. And the bottom three way go to the humbucker as a on/off/on switch.
The two single coils are Duncan Performers, and as far as I know the humbucker is a Duncan as well. Master volume control is the top knob, master tone is bottom.
(All dings came when I got it, not my fault)


(Serial Number: E640061 if not legible)

Well I don't think I worded it quite right..
I mean I want the switch to split the humbucker. If I remember right it is possible to have a three way toggle switch split the humbucker, as in one selection is for the top part, one is to have the entire humbucker on, and one is for the bottom part.
Do you know what I mean?
Yes, I do know what you mean. I don't believe it's a particularly useful modification though, as there's not going to be much of a tonal difference. I believe that a Series/Split/Parallel would be a better use of an ON/ON/ON DPDT toggle. Which is what you need, not an ON/OFF/ON.

You'll see the mod you described in the following diagram, on the left side, 3rd box from the top:
The 4th one down, on the right side, is what I described.
I'll go with what you described, it seems like a better fix.

I'm pretty sure I can fix the rest myself. I finally got fed up with the thing today, 'cause only the neck and bridge pickups work at the moment. And I know for sure that they all work, haha.
I'm just gonna use all the hardware in it.
Money is scarce right now,(when is it not), so I'm just gonna kind of rewire it.