So a friend asked me to find out where she can buy this guitar,
since she only has the picture.
And just in case, I know it's a Epiphone SG.
I just need to know what model it is and how much it costs.


Limited Edition G400 with EMGs

Closest is the Prophecy EX that I can find

I remember those, though.

EDIT: I'll be damned!
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how much would it be to get a normal SG E-400 then slap some EMG's on it?
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^ It is the same guitar. MF has been doing that with several different guitars recently. You should jump on that before the offer is up...

I remember seeing a dean yesterday that was $900 on GC and only $500 on MF. Summer cleaning I guess...
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You can either pay 508+Tax or 400+tax...
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Hey dude..I got one of those on my profile..Its a great guitar but it doesnt really
have the traditional SG sound. The EMG pickups make it sound alot like a
Les Paul...So dont buy it if you want that in between LP and strat tone.
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