Cool spacey vibe there to begin with. Loved the layers of subtle little parts that all add up. I was kind of waiting for something a little more dramatic to kick in at some point or at least some well defined melody to pop out more prominently somewhere. But I can also totally respect the whole "just jamming w/a spacey feel" approach too. Music is what you the player wants it to be, so more power to ya.
Dug the 2nd tune as well....that drummer of yours is a bit on the hyper side. LOL
I mean that in a good way.

C4C? Pick a tune...Any tune

GREAT recording quality (compared to what I get )

Like the echoy guitar

is that with a slide? nice

REALLY good man. Now just need vocals and longer!

C4C? (Dying Breed In my profile)
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i dig the sort of hippy meets metal vibe, it would be cool if u guys had a rythem guitar though it doesnt sound very full