well, not new per se, but new to buying individual effects and setting them up. I have a spider valve amp and i'm getting the shortboard footswitch. I'm also building building my effects collection (i have an od-20 for the distortion i cant get from the valve and the cs-3 compressor and am looking at a wah and a few other things), but i'm just uneducated as with regards to preamp outs and fx loops and daisy chaining and all those fancy words that i read but dont really process. Anybody have any help or perhaps an idiots guide? This seems like the right thread for this...
well ok, first thing i might want to bring up that your amp, tube, is still a modeling amp will not take pedals so easily.

Now for a wah and a few other things, we need to know what type of music your playing and how much you want to spend.
As for an Effects loop: You have between your pre-amp and power-amp a section called the fx loop which is designed to be used with time based effects and modulations, such as an Eq pedal (can also be used as a boost), flanger, phaser, ect.

Now a daisy chain as a term used to power pedals, most commonly refernced to the One-Spot adapter.
why will the amp not take pedals as easily? I am thinking about the weeping demon for wah and i'm into all kinds of rock music mostly, but i like incorporating experimental sounds etc. i find that i actual enjoy playing with effects most on a clean channel. As for the money, i'm not extremely poor like most college students and i can exhaust some of my funds. thanks for the help!
what type of rock, hard rock? classic? or do we move into metal?

also your amp won't take pedals to well due to it's modeling that doesn't work well with other frq's modifying the signal.
yeah i've been looking into it. can you help me make sense of this
"plug the output of a Line 6 POD into the dedicated power amp input jack on the back of the Spider Valve 212 combo and bypass the Spider Valve modeling but still use the Bogner valve amplification including the 12AX7 preamp valves, matched 6L6 power amp valves, Master, and Presence controls. It sounds awesome. A POD 2.0 XLR modeling balanced Direct output lets you easily connect your Spider Valve 212 to a mixer or recording interface to capture your riffs. A pre-valve amp Preamp Out effects send can feed outboard effects or a second amplifier. The Power Amp In can then function as a ”series effects return“.