Ok, I want to hook my Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier up to a Kustom speaker cab...it says nowhere on the cabinet what the ohms are. I was just wondering what you guys would advise doing. The head that goes with it is a Kustom 200 Tuck n' Roll.

Also note this is just a temporary set up until I get the actual cab.
look up the ohm rating for the head that it came with?
the 200 tuck n roll

and .. welll.. thats it really?
ohhh idnoo, it cant be that hard, try musicians frienmd or soemthing

that really should be the answer, unless theres some kind of way to check
im no expert tho
.. ya
you could check it with a multimeter but it would probably be easier just to look it up as suggested before.
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